Bespoke Artisan Rag Dolls

The Rag Doll has been a treasured part of childhood for generations.  Originally made from pieces of 'rag', the Rag Doll was an affordable way for a mother or carer to create a toy or comforter for a child.  Early Rag Dolls were filled with rags, sawdust or wool, and often had hand painted or embroidered features.

The modern Rag Doll comes in many guises...some mass produced, some carefully and lovingly created by small scale makers, grandmothers, aunties and mothers who wish to create a treasured keepsake for a loved child in their life.  The gift of a handmade Rag Doll is a tradition steeped in history and a very special one at that. 

"Our beautiful bespoke rag doll has been gratefully received today. She is perfect and has been made with impeccable attention to detail. She is so much more special than anything I could have found on the high street. Our order was completed within good time which we are really grateful for as she is a birthday present. One very happy customer! "

A Modern take on the Traditional Rag Doll

My Rag Dolls are simple but beautiful: a wonderfully modern take on the traditional rag doll.  They are not brash or garish, but simply and thoughtfully designed so that they have a timeless appeal to all ages and generations.  I work closely with you to help you choose their hair/eye colour and skin tone (if not white), and also the fabric for their clothes. 

"Bought this (rag doll) for our little girl's first birthday and it's been a massive hit! She literally lights up and vibrates with excitement every time she comes out to play. Beautifully made doll with loads of charm and delivery was speedy too. Exactly what we wanted, thank you! "

Their clothes are fully removable and additional outfits (dress, knickers and beanie) can be also be ordered.  Although in the past I have made matching knitted socks, going forward all Rag Dolls will have patterned (e.g. striped) fabric legs.

Boy Pirate Rag Dolls are also available to order and are just as gorgeous as their sisters!

Many people ask me to embroider the child's name on the doll of the dress or perhaps a memorable date.  I love this idea - it creates a lasting keepsake that can be treasured for years to come.  

CE Mark

Within the EU, all soft toys must comply with specific EU trading standards for toys.  This includes handmade toys.  Small scale makers - e.g. doll makers, may self-certify their products by putting their design through a series of rigorous tests to ensure the standards are met.  The standards comprise of three parts: strength, flammability and chemical migration. 

My Rag Dolls have been tested to the ensure they meet the CE standards and each carry a CE mark.   Whilst my Rag Dolls have been fully tested, and are therefore safe from birth, given the delicate finish of the Dolls (and their cost!), I would recommend supervised play to preserve their beauty, so that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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