Beautiful Handmade Cards

Handmade Cards marked my first step into the foray of Craft and still play an integral and important role in my work.  I view each card as a small piece of individual art in its own right - a very uneconomical and painstaking approach, but one I can't quite let go of!

I use a craft punch to cut the individual flowers for my cards but all the paper is handmade by me using layers of tissue paper and vintage book pages.  Using handmade paper creates a wonderful fusion of colour and pattern in each individual flower and renders each one unique.  The layering of tissue and paper/fabric to make my own paper is a technique I developed during my Art Foundation Course over twenty years ago and one that has been a constant thread through my work ever since.

I am very happy to create bespoke Cards (including wedding stationary) for special occasions - please do contact me if this is of interest to you.

You can purchase my cards through my Etsy Shop, or please see my 'Stockists' list for details of Shops who also sell my cards.