Beautiful Modern Craft

My work is continually evolving, be it through new designs or the delicious discovery of beautiful new fabrics.  There is a constant thread through my work with a focus on simple, organic shapes brought to life with beautiful materials that add colour, tactility and texture.  People often apologise for prodding, holding, smelling (I use a lot of lavender!) items on my stall, but I love this response - it is exactly how I want people to react to my work. 

I pay great attention to detail and want each and every piece I create to reflect this. 

"I LOVE my fish! It's everything I hoped it would be, and beautifully crafted. I can't recommend highly enough"

"Love the presentation of this neatly made bookmark. Excellent packaging and attention to detail. Pretty hand decorating on the envelope. Thank you."

I try to keep my Etsy Shop as stocked as possible, but if the shelves are a little bare and you have spied something here that you really love but can not find - please do contact me and I will do my best to help.