In Love with Liberty

My love affair with Liberty began when I was about 8 years old.  My dad used to travel a lot on business when we were young, we weren't sure where but we always looked forward to him coming home! I have fond memories of being handed little gifts from far flung places wrapped in tissue paper, and can still feel the excitement& curiosity of wondering what treasure lay nestled within the rustling layers.  

On one occasion it was a rather scary wooden Pinocchio puppet which my brother and I quietly squirreled away (in good company with the Tales of Grimm), too afraid toplay with it!  Then, came a gift from Liberty's - a beautiful William Morris Liberty print & velour (bear with me) caterpillar.

My beautiful Caterpillar became my most treasured possession.  Its body was a series of pockets or pouches - perfect for stowing away an 8 year old's treasures.  I loved it - because it was from my dad and because I knew the fabric was special, beautiful and ever so slightly grown up.  I wish I still had it - or at least a photo to share with you!    

Simple designs, beautiful fabric

At the heart of my designs are simple, organic shapes brought to life by beautiful fabrics and a passion for detail.  Liberty Tana Lawn is an incredibly delicate & fine woven fabric which lends itself beautifully to small scale designs - every last snippet begs to be treasured.

I love the vibrancy and delicacy of Liberty prints - they are beautiful enough in isolation but by layering and combining different Liberty prints, you can create a wonderful fusion of colour, pattern and texture, that is at times quite unexpected. 

Liberty London is a treasure trove of British and contemporary design at its very best - wonderfully eccentric and modern, with a deep heritage and of impeccable taste.  I didn't intend for Liberty fabric to become such a mainstay of my work - but now that I've stepped in, I am utterly and totally devoted.  I am in Love with Liberty.